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Henry Ford

Ford's first auto was completed June, 1896. Building auto-racers followed; Oct. 10, 1901 Ford defeated Alexander Winton, then best-known of U.S. race drivers, in a Grosse Pointe 10-mile race in 13 min., 23 2-5 sec., to become U.S. Track Champion; Oct. 25, 1902, Barney Oldfield drove Ford's "999" five miles in five min., 28 sec. On Jan 12, 1904, Ford raced the nine-ft., 4-in. "999" one mile in 39.4-sec., or 91.37 mph for a World Record which Ford predicted for his four-cylinder engine. June 16, 1903, Ford organized the Ford Motor Co.; July 15, 1903 Ford's first 4-cylinder auto was sold. Inducted into the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame in 1978.

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